You need to track your time, team and projects?

Welcome to the TimeGrasper!

A simple, personal time management and multiple project tracking app.

What kind of app is this?

About TimeGrasper

The TimeGrasper is a simple interactive application for personal and team usage. Some of the most important features of the app are: time tracker, start/end shift system, project tracker...

What the TimeGrasper can do?

Featured functionalities

  • Track personal users progress

  • The TimeGrasper allows you to track the personal and all other team member's results and achievements related to the tasks and projects

  • Preview personal or team stats and data

  • Some data within this app related to the team members' achievements, tasks progress, shift working hours and more can be previewed as charts and stats.

  • Manage projects and tasks details

  • From weekly sprints to annual planning, TimeGrasper kanban projects view keeps all tasks on track. Add, delete, move or edit the tasks details simply by a single click.

Is there something you are missing?

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